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to your ideas.

We strengthen your intellectual property

We are a group of intellectual property specialists who came together with the idea of creating a multidisciplinary team of consultants and legal professionals who pool their professional skills to offer comprehensive solutions to any need in the field of intellectual property.
Our goal: protect and support the competitiveness of businesses by protecting their innovative projects.

Strategies to protect
and exploit your intellectual property assets.

Our law firm specializes in intellectual property: legal assistance, consulting and advisory services in order to enhance the value of your intellectual property portfolios.

Our numbers

From our offices in Modena, Bologna and Milan and worldwide, with our team of IP attorneys and lawyers and our network of international partners, we can protect and maximize the value of your intellectual property assets.

From 1996

the year we began operating

over 34.600

case processed

over 40


About us

Luppi Legal

Luppi Legal is our partner law firm. It provides legal assistance and consulting aimed at managing and exploiting intellectual property portfolios and rights and at supporting the business strategies of companies.


From our offices in Modena, Bologna and Milan, we can provide our consulting services throughout Italy.

Write to us to find out how we can support your business and add value to your innovation.

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