Our clients

We work for highly specialized companies, characterized by a constant drive for innovation: we support them with our experienced and always up-to-date multidisciplinary team.

Who we work with

We support businesses focused on R&D as well as on the protection of their innovations with intellectual property rights in order to add value to their story, their work, their future and the evolution of their ideas.

Mechanics and automation

We were born in the “land of mechanics” and so we have always understood the importance of protecting industrial plants and machinery, including through the legal instrument of design protection. Our patent consultants specializing in mechanics and automation keep up to date with the state of the art of this vital sector: their vision, skill, and daily experience is at the service of clients whose innovative capacities are a cornerstone of their business strategies and who can count on our in-depth knowledge of the intellectual property activities in their sector. We operate mainly in the field of machine tools, hydraulic components and valves, plants for the processing and treatment of plastics and other materials, and industrial automation.

Interior Design

The protection of businesses that operate in the interior design sector – furniture, lighting, ceramics and other sector manufacturers – is a core focus of our business, particularly with regard to the extension of the design protection abroad and protection against imitations. Our multiannual experience in this area allows us to ensure that applications are filed in line with local laws and the specific practices of each office, giving a significant temporal advantage to clients who wish to register their designs beyond their national borders.


The world of fashion is particularly subject to problem of counterfeiting. We can offer clients in the fashion world our continuous assistance, intervening with the best strategies to protect their collections: we are able to act swiftly and efficiently to prevent fakes or the copying of their collections by third parties, which is highly damaging to businesses with high revenue margins also beyond the end of the season for each collection. We actively monitor the web also with regard to the new technologies related to product monitoring and the prevention of counterfeiting.

Food and catering

Professional food and catering products are among those products for which design protection constitutes a significant business asset.

In addition to the technical aspects that can be protected with a patent, our extensive experience in this sector allows us to easily identify the components worthy of protection, for example with a design, and to propose the most effective protection strategies.

Biomedical and functional foods

Our multidisciplinary team includes biologists and engineers with direct experience gained working with manufacturers of biomedical solutions and functional foods. This pool of direct knowledge of the sectors and products and specific expertise in patent matters allows us to provide a swift and targeted response to the needs of this innovative sector and to formulate the most effective protection strategies for products that are the result of continuous research and development.


We have always been involved in the field of electronics and the extensive experience of our consultants is a guarantee for our clients. This experience and knowledge allow us to swiftly and securely identify the innovative aspects of an electronic product that are worthy of protection through an intellectual property instrument.

Innovative startups

Startup businesses have very specific intellectual property needs. We provide startups with specialist support and devise ad hoc, multidisciplinary strategies for using intellectual property instruments to protect their innovative characteristics and to help them grow and consolidate their competitiveness.


From our offices in Modena, Bologna and Milan, we can provide our consulting services throughout Italy.

Write to us to find out how we can support your business and add value to your innovation.

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