Intellectual property instruments and our multidisciplinary team counseling are the way to protect and grow your intellectual assets.

How we work

We are a team of chartered IP attorneys and lawyers specialized in intellectual property who work together to provide you with the tools and strategies needed to develop, protect and add value to your ideas.

Multidisciplinary approach

With our team of specialized legal professionals and technical consultants, you find your one-stop reference for all your intellectual property needs.

Ongoing assistance

We support you both in the creation and in the enforcement of your intellectual property rights, taking the most appropriate actions to defend them and ensure recognition of their value.

Strategic vision

We devise strategies to protect and add value to your intellectual property rights and to manage them as business resources with a view to increasing competitiveness, continuing to innovate and standing out on the market.

International outlook

We offer worldwide protection for your innovative ideas: we help you to establish a solid presence abroad thanks to our network of international partners.

Our strategic consulting services

Innovative ideas are what drive the growth of every business that invests in research and development and form the pillars of intellectual property.
Our consulting services can help you build and consolidate your intellectual property rights in order to protect your innovations, distinguish your brand on the market, grow your business and protect your competitive advantage.


From our offices in Modena, Bologna and Milan, we can provide our consulting services throughout Italy.

Write to us to find out how we can support your business and add value to your innovation.

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