The new shape of a product makes it unique and valuable. We meticulously study each design to give you the opportunity to protect and enhance it.


What is design protection?

Design protects the appearance of an object or product, regardless of its technical function or aesthetic evaluation. An object is eligible for design protection when it meets certain specific requirements: it is new and has an individual character that makes it recognisable and therefore distinguishable from other designs and models.

Why protect a new shape through design protection?

The holder of a registered design acquires the exclusive right over the same and can prevent third parties from using similar designs.
The registered design increases the value of the product and offers an advantage on competitors which, in the absence of a legal protection, could copy and exploit the design for their own benefit. It is also an effective mean to use in cases of counterfeiting.

How we work

Protecting a product through design requires meticulous and expert assessment: our consultants analyse and highlight any aspects worthy of protection and prepare the technical documents necessary for filing the application to register the design in the countries of interest.
In addition to assessing whether your product can be protected through design, our consultants can also determine whether it can be protected through other IP instruments, such as a patent or trademark, thanks to cumulative protection.

How and where we operate

We take care of the registration of design applications, the choice of strategy and preparation of the technical drawings required for filing. We follow the process until the protection is granted and also deal with actions for the declaration of invalidity in Italy and abroad. We work directly with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva with regard to all procedures relating to – respectively – Italian, EU and International design applications. We are also active with foreign national offices through the support of our trusted local associates of proven reliability and experience.

Working together

Intellectual property consulting is not simply the execution of a series of predetermined steps: each company, each idea, each product is unique, and the value of our consulting service is expressed through our approach and strategies that are tailored to each client.

Multidisciplinary approach

With our team of specialized legal professionals and technical consultants, you find your one-stop reference for all your intellectual property needs.

Ongoing assistance

We support you both in the creation and in the enforcement of your intellectual property rights, taking the most appropriate actions to defend them and ensure recognition of their value.

Strategic vision

We devise ad hoc strategies to protect and add value to your intellectual property rights and to manage them as business resources with a view to increasing competitiveness, continuing to innovate and standing out on the market.

International outlook

We offer worldwide protection for your innovative ideas: we help you to establish a solid presence abroad thanks to our network of international partners.


From our offices in Modena, Bologna and Milan, we can provide our consulting services throughout Italy.

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