About us

Our strength is a multidisciplinary team of IP attorneys and lawyers specialized in intellectual property: we study strategies and provide effective solutions to give value to business innovation.

Who we are and how we work

Devising a strategy to protect your intellectual property is a critical issue for innovative growth businesses that wish to become and remain competitive. Consequently, intellectual property consulting entails strategic consulting, supporting businesses from the outset in the development of their innovation projects.

From the start, we understood the need to build a multidisciplinary team of skilled and qualified IP attorneys and lawyers in order to provide our clients with comprehensive and effective solutions. Our aim is to protect businesses and make them competitive by protecting their innovative projects.

We are open to any business that wants to invest in their innovative ideas, to build a portfolio of intellectual property rights to protect their past and future innovations, and to establish a strategic asset to support their national and international growth strategies.

Our made-to-measure multidisciplinary approach makes strategic use of intellectual property instruments such as: patents, models, trademarks, design, copyright, new plant varieties, Internet and new technologies.


Our internal team encompasses qualified IP attorneys and lawyers specialized in intellectual and industrial property.


We work as a team on your intellectual and industrial property strategy right from the start of your innovation projects.

International outlook

We offer worldwide protection for your innovative ideas: we help you to establish a solid presence abroad thanks to our network of international partners.

Our offices

We are based in Modena, Bologna and Milan.

We operate at the national and international levels through our network of associates.


Viale Corassori, 54 41124 Modena


Via Arienti, 15/2A 40124 Bologna


Via De Amicis, 19 20123 Milano

Our story

We established our company over twenty-five years ago in the renowned Emilia Valley and immediately began working in the sectors that are emblematic of our area: ceramics, plastics, packaging automation, machine tools, biomedical equipment, professional printing solutions, and civil engineering.

Our team of IP attorneys and lawyers is spread across the three sites of Modena, Bologna and Milan from where we offer our expertise in intellectual property to clients in Italy and the rest of the world.






Viale Corassori, 54 – Modena, (Italy)
T +39 059 359916
Via De Amicis, 19 – 20123 Milano
T +39 02 8378190
Via Arienti 15/2A – 40124 Bologna
T +39 051 223626
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